Two Vaccum Cleaners Detected. I have only One

I have only had one vaccum cleaner since I got sense 2 months ago. But for some reason, Sense detected two vaccum cleaners. Why? How can it have two wave forms when it has only one motor? Or or is it registering the brush motor and suction motor seperately?

If your vacuum has two motors, it is likely detecting each one individually.

My 2 cents…

All the time you are using the vacuum cleaner, are you using the same plug (outlet)??

If not you may be on the other leg of the power ( the other 110 line ) and Sense is picking up a different ‘signature’ for that leg. Hence the second vacuum. So far our vacuum has not been found. Later…Gerry


^ what @gcrawford.k8ger said.

That’d be my guess if this is a vac you move from outlet to outlet and not central vac. Detection happens on each leg of your panel individually, thus it’s possible to have duplicates across the legs of your panel. If you can very that detection is dependent on the outlet you’re plugged into (maybe name one of them “vacuum 1” and the other “vacuum 2” and track for a week or so) then you can always merge them.

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I do have a central vac, but Sense hasn’t discovered it in a year and a half.

Wow ! I guess the noisy devices really do a number on recognition. My central Vacuflo vacuum is one of my earliest and most solid detections. I can tell exactly how long the cleaning people spent vacuuming my house and can tell which days and hours they have worked via Sense.

Nice to know that…of course I am the “cleaning people” so I pretty much knew when it was being used anyways ((-:wink:

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We’re the cleaning people too, but we typically use a battery powered portable, but more on a localized basis. The cleaning people prefer the central vac because it is faster for whole-house cleaning, plus the battery just doesn’t last that long in the portable.