Sense identified Vaccum, but is it?

Got notification today that Sense detected a Vacuum device. In the Community Names it identified it as 98% Vacuum and there is nothing else. In the usage it shows that last time it was used on Jun 1st. I am certained I used the vacuum many times since June 1st. I only have one Vacuum and it is Dyson Ball kind. I tried plugging it in several different wall sockets, but did not see it being ON in the app. If it is truly a vacuum, does Sense only identified it on a certain wall socket?

This is how the signature looks

Any idea how I can confirm it is a vacuum?

One tricky thing with vacuums and other frequently moved devices, is that the 120V circuits in different rooms your house are likely divided between two different “legs” of your incoming 240V main supply. Sense does pay attention to which leg your devices is plugged into. If it has “learned” your vacuum on leg 1 (phase 1) then it will only detect it on leg 1. The way I think it works, is that Sense should “learn” the same device on the second leg more quickly and eventually, automatically merge them.

More on phases / legs here:

As for figuring out what this device really is, I would use this set of approaches:


Interesting. Maybe that’s why my vacuum has been difficult to detect.

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