How to Easily Add CT Sensors to Sense: Emulated Kasa +Tuya Zigbee CT Clamp

My first post – apologies if this has already been covered (I didn’t see it) or the post is less than “Polished”. I’m learning – be gentle.

For those who want to cut to the chase -

SmarthomeScene Review of Single Clamp Meter

Single Channel Directional CT on AliExpress

2 Channel Bi-directional CT on AliExpress

I have used both of the above, and both work nicely. The 2-channel is a few dollars more expensive, but provides 2 CTs, bi-directional capability, and “summed” energy consumption. In my mind, it’s far more flexible. Possibly a solution for those with PV systems.

IF YOU PURCHASE THE 2 CHANNEL CT MONITOR: Make sure you select the option with 2 CT’s. I mistakenly ordered the default, which is 1 CT on a 2 channel device. If purchased separately, the CT’s cost more than the device + CT.


  • Devices pair easily to Home Assistant Zigbe2MQTT. No need for a separate Tuya app.
  • Devices and Clamps are physically small. You can fit multiple devices in a single J-box.
  • Only easy way that I’ve seen to get hardwired device power data into Sense.


  • These devices provide a LOT of data. My AC condenser is basically idling at around 20Watts. The sensor is updating ~ every 12 seconds. This update rate and thresholds are not currently adjustable.
  • Once you have the data in Home Assistant, you need to send it to Sense. Again this is a lot of data, particularly if you have many Emulated devices. I am currently Emulating 18 devices. Most have a slower sample rate. I’m sure there’s a limit to the data transfer. Not sure what that limit is.
  • Devices are specified for the current range of 0.2 to 80A. They are not intended to monitor small loads.


I have a home full of “problematic” devices for Sense. After researching the options, I purchased the Sense Flex with the additional CT’s. I dedicated one CT to my Grundfos 3-phase variable speed well pump, and the other to my Oven. I’ve been using the system for a couple of months. I am happy with the system accuracy and data presentation. I am less satisfied with the device detection, but then I suspected that this would be the case.

Emulated Kasa Devices:

Using Home Assistant + Emulated Kasa integration allowed me to pass data to Sense. I currently have 18 devices being Emulated using a combination of Zwave and Zigbee power monitors. The devices include TV’s, Computers, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Washer/Dryer, and Dishwasher.

The Emulated Kasa integration also allows me to inform Sense when lights are activated – my garage lights consume 211 watts when on. Since I can tell sense what is on/off, my other category is very low.

My issue was with hardwired devices that did not lend themselves to monitoring with power plugs. My multistage/variable speed furnace and multistage/ variable speed condenser needed a different approach.

Tuya ZigBee CT Monitor:

The Tuya CT monitors install easily at my electrical panel and allow me to monitor my hardwired devices. I installed the devices in a plastic J-box adjacent to my panel.

Single Channel CT in HA:

Single channel CT Entities

Single Channel CT Data – note the non-cumulative Energy. Read the SmartHomeScene article to get around this.


Dual Channel CT in HA (only using one channel)


Dual Channel CT Entities

Dual Channel CT Data – Provides cumulative Energy data



@boiler1977a , great first “article”. Love the recent crop of postings on how to get the most out of your Sense by leveraging Home Assistant and Emulated Kasa. Yours and this one are extremely helpful:

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