Add more CTs


Or partner with Curb or Ted, etc. The large draw devices are on their own circuits already. They can be cleanly isolated. Sense detects the burners on our stove separately and conflates one of them with the oven. We have 2 dryers. Sense sees them as the same device.

We could get the stove, the oven, the 2 air conditioners, and the 2 dryers, isolated immediately. Curb should be great at that, but Sense struggles. Seems like Sense has more potential on computers, printers, tvs, coffee pots, microwaves, dehumidifiers, etc.

Mystery devices could be tied to a circuit to help track them down.

Add on CT only unit

I would absolutely love to have an option to add more CTs with some kind of “pro” Sense device or an add-on unit. I probably would lean towards some kind of add-on unit so it could be in a sub-panel and not physically connected to the main sensor.

I nearly went with Curb for this very reason but at the time Sense seemed to offer better data granularity. I’m kind of on the fence about still going and adding Curb. My $300 experiment with Sense hasn’t quite lived up to what I really wanted and what the Sense marketing made it sound like. I still love the concept and all the people I’ve been able to interact with, just getting a bit impatient with the device itself. :slight_smile:


I just ordered Curb. I think the combination will be good. I expect I can integrate the data myself.

It doesn’t really make financial sense, but at this point, I’m pretty invested in Sense. It’s now a hobby and cheaper than a boat, etc. It seems to be a really neat approach, but it needs to work better. I’m rooting for them and trying to help with constructive criticism, etc.

I initially picked Smappee over Sense because they provided data access at the time. Eventually I realized they were just doing it wrong and weren’t going to change. Sense is much better. Makes you realized how much a good company outlook/attitude is worth.


Even the ability to add more sense units on major/expensive equipment like furnaces and heatpumps. Similar to this request: Add on CT only unit.


Not sure about the electrical code and ‘smart plugs’ can be nice, but I would like an add on unit (my thoughts would be a unit mounted externally of the panel with an ethernet port) that would strictly monitor pre-device breakers and implement that data to the bubbles.

Many large consumers are on their own breaker and Sense seems to have trouble with most so this would give absolute data to whats going on while giving the main monitor ‘relief’ from trying to figure out that wattage noise if that’s even possible.

FYI, I for one would pay for something that gives me hard data and let Sense take care of the ‘this is fun to know’ items. I realize many will argue this is what the Sense monitor is supposed to do, but I don’t ever see detection being consistently perfect (or close to) all the time.


You would probably be interested in something like this

The GUI and API are reportedly not as good as sense. It is a lot more expensive too.


I know of all the other devices out there, was just thinking it’d be a nice integration being the UI is nice and is already built.

The cost of hardware is nothing in the grand scheme of things and the integration between units would be much better than anything 3rd party because they obviously made or designed the units.


I replaced TED with Sense 2.5 years ago. TED sucked as communication would never work right.


Thanks @32259fl,
I was thinking of TED for my brother as he has 240V 50 Hz 3 phase(and 3 phase solar) and Sense can’t cope with that.


Even being able to use one or more sense units to monitor individual branches or equipment. I don’t really have a need for it right now but if I had heatpump(s) or furnaces or other expensive equipment it would be worth the investment to monitor that device/branch specifically. Especially so if sense implements failure modes or fault detection.

@johhawkes Advantage of sense is it can measure million times per second. I don’t think TED can do that?

Add more CTs

I like how sense works, It is really simple to setup and can detect a lot of devices with just five connections.
I love the real-time power stats. It has helped me a lot.

I was only thinking of TED for my brother as sense doesn’t support his setup and is not likely to in the next few years. Monitoring power at a million times per second is not much of an issue with his well set out breaker panel. (mine is a mess and spread over two panels). TED, for my brother’s setup, would cost over $US1,000.