How to monitor L1 and L2 voltage in Home Assistant?

Hi, I just added my two Sense units to Home Assistant.

First a complaint about the integration, whomever wrote it, thanks, but please add sense to the entity names, it was a pita to find entities when they are not called sense. rant off

Question, how do I monitor L1 and L2 voltage in Home Assistant?
It seems that the sensors are not published?

Pieterā€¦ Hope this is what you are looking forā€¦

From Desktopā€¦>( upper right hand corner on your login name or account nameā€¦ Click it>Settings>Sense monitorā€¦ On the right hand sideā€¦ you will find signalsā€¦ L1 and L2ā€¦ Voltagesā€¦ From Desktop OK???

On phone appā€¦ Settings>MyHome>Sense Monitor> Scroll down to Signalsā€¦ L1 and L2

OKā€¦ Gerry

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See here:
and here:

It looks like the line voltage is not published.

Maybe the maintainer is on this forum?

Sorry I guess I missed the ā€˜Home Assistantā€™ā€¦ The stuff you referenced is over my headā€¦ I will take my 2 cents back to the poker tableā€¦ Hiā€¦ Thanksā€¦Laterā€¦Gerry

something of interest, my pc sense app shows the L1 and L2 voltages, but my android app shows no voltages or frequency just dashes

While the voltages are available from the websocket API (same as device states), theyā€™re not currently in Home Assistant.

Would have to make an update to add two new sensors

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If you could, that would be appreciated.