How to See Power Quality Data in Home Assistant

Can you show me how to get the combined graph of the individual legs?

I am able to find the graph for L1 & L2 but combined like yours is showing is lacking in my (standard) HA with Sense integration.

Hi @dannyterhaar, here’s my History Card configuration for that overlay.

The other key is when you first create the new dashboard, make sure you do it as a “panel”. That gives you the full width of the screen, but limits you to a single panel.


Nice, got it working!

They recently replaced the power pole transformer from 25kVA to 75KVA because I am waiting for my Ford F150 Lightning.
I felt guilty for possibly charging with 80 amps (80x240= 19K2 KVA).
They upgraded my overhead cables etc as well. Now I am surprised I still have 5 volt voltage swings during the day (without charging with 80 amps yet)

Thanks a lot!
Really useful


Interesting,. You seem to have a similar cycle to me and you have solar as well,. I suspect that solar is the cause for the voltage peak around noon and maybe lower nighttime usage boosts voltage around midnight, until people taking advantage of TOU escalate their usage after midnight ??

ps: You can see from my Model S spike and declining voltage what 80A charging does to my local supply voltage.


I see you said that sense pulls the line voltage every 6 seconds for HA… anyone know how offer the Kasa platform does? Anyone set up “power quality” type notifications from the line voltage… like L1 or L2 fell below 115 6x within 10hrs?

When you get your lighting and the ford 80amp charger? … are you got to have it setup with a ATS of some sort?

@ccook, I think Sense updates L1/L2 voltage every half second. I was wrong about the defaults for the HA Integration - HA samples every 60 seconds not 6 minutes.

Sensors are added for both usage and production:

Active sensors: Updated every 60 seconds.

  • Usage: Current active power usage in Watts.
  • Production: Current active power production in Watts.

Trend sensors: Data provided for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly scales. Updated every 5 minutes.

  • Usage: Energy usage in kWh.
  • Production: Energy production in kWh.
  • To Grid: Energy exported to the grid in kWh.
  • From Grid: Energy imported from the grid in kWh.
  • Net Production: Measures total solar production against usage.
  • Net Production Percentage: Net production as a percentage value.

I haven’t set up an alert trigger yet for L1/L2 over / under, but it’s pretty straightforward in HA. Haven’t done it because I don’t have many of those events.