Power Quality Charts Not Updating - Feb 2022

To: SENSE Support, @JustinAtSense
Date: 2/20/2022 12:30 PM CST

My voltage graphs (and a friend who has a separate SENSE unit) have not updated since Feb. 15, 2022 10:58 PM. Could someone from SENSE Support please verify that the software is running? The updates had not occurred in the last 5 days. Check the SENSE Labs → ‘Power Quality’ menu. Thanks

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Thank you. I am experiencing the same situation.
My voltage graph has not updated since the 557 am Feb 15 - 557 am Feb 16 graph.
I was about to submit a trouble ticket but will wait to see what might be revealed via your inquiry.
Thanks! Kathy

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I am a retired telecom engineer who worked development projects on power systems. In our testing I recall discussing how “hard” or “soft” the power company service line was, as this impacted our ability to test AC line surge in some labs. The EE term is “source impedance.”

I notice a motor start-up surge in AC units and some appliances. The relationship between the current x time waveform of the surge to the steady-state motor load would seem to offer a measure of source impedance. I would be interested in how my readings compare with averages and extreme cases. I realize the motor size and design will affect this, but given a large enough dataset it would seem that one could derive (and somehow display) some interesting and useful statistics and comparisons.


My power quality graphs have been up-dated to 2/21/22; thank you!


My power quality graphs have updated to 2/21/22 2:58 AM CST.

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According to engineering labs power quality is supposed to update once every 24hrs.
They have not received many tickets regarding this issue so they see it as a non issue.


Can you please share a quote and location re: engineering labs power quality is supposed to update once every 24 hrs.?

Also, are we suppose to submit “tickets” to this blog or to Sense Support?

I have read so many posts about delayed power quality graphs that I just came to accept that the delay was the nature of the beast.

But, I could really use regularly up-dated graphs with accurate and consistent time stamps.

I am still struggling to figure out why Sense is reporting chaotic power quality data from my remote off-grid system.

My fantasy monitor would provide me with real time power quality data as well as other variables.

I know I may not be able to manifest that vision but if submitting a ticket every time the Sense Power Quality Lab up-date falls outside the 24 hour deliverable would help improve the system …that would be better than getting no feedback for a week.

Please let me and others know if we should be reporting delayed feedback and where it should go.

Thanks. Kathy

Typically the Sense Labs power quality graph was updated within 24 hrs behind the current time, so you could see the graph for the previous day. But today, the most recent graph for it is Feb 28th. One way to get a more up-to-the-minute but lower resolution view on power quality is to gather the voltage data from Sense in Home Assistant (HA). The Sense integration into HA samples the L1 and L2 voltage data every 6 minutes.

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From Sense Support through ticket system:
"After investigating this issue and discussing it with the Engineering team we’ve reached this conclusion:

The Power Quality graph is intended to update once a day with the previous day’s data, so the expected performance would be seeing it update with 24 hours’ worth of data sometime in a 24 hour window after that period. For example, we would expect to see the data from noon on January 29 and noon on January 30 to populate in the graph within a period of 24 hours later than that. This feature is part of Sense Labs, so it may occasionally have issues reflective of an R&D experiment, e.g. the data may occasionally be delayed slightly longer than 24hr.

I’ve passed your feedback along to the product/engineering team. Longer term, we would like to make this a more robust feature in the regular Sense app, but don’t have specific plans in the near term. However, if you notice that the updates for the Power Quality graph are consistently outside of the 24hr window, we would appreciate having it brought to our attention."

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At this time, @obscuredtrip (and his response from Support) is 100% right. This began as an R&D feature (hence it’s location in Labs), and based on user feedback it’s something we’d like to get into the App more formally.


Hi Kevin!

Thank you!

I just sent you a message with an inquiry about Sense / Home Assistant integration.

I also introduced you to Constantine, our system, and provided you with a link to my google spreadsheet with info going back to October 2021: system overview, csv data, screenshots and a wealth of other information.

I added Constantine to this account and he would like to converse with you about Home Assistant options and steps forward.

Thank you very much for your input!

Best Wishes,

Thank you!

I believe I read this post but focused in on the statement: “… we would like to make this a more robust feature in the regular Sense app, but don’t have specific plans in the near term.” meaning it’s not going to happen.

I apologize for brushing off the comment: “… we would appreciate having it brought to our attention”.

I had also reached a point of burn out trying to address time stamps, security log outs, etc. through the support system.

I appreciate Sense for what it offers many people. I have decided to pursue complementary avenues to try to secure the information I need for my project here.

But, if Sense really would like to know when the Power Quality graphs are consistently outside the 24 hr window; I could drop them a note.

I copy and paste every power quality graph I can get my hand’s on; I am acutely aware of when the 24 hour period is exceeded.

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Software developments do not happen overnight, especially at scale. There are months worth of planning, scoping, resourcing and testing that goes into every release, let alone one of the scale that’s being discussed. That’s without factoring in all the other product initiatives and enhancements we’re already working on or are committed to this year.

Having snapshots of power quality data graphs in their current state is a lightweight request. The level of work it would take to develop real-time versions of what you see is substantial. When I say “we know how important this feature is to everyone, we just don’t have it on our near term plans”, that isn’t a dismissal. It’s closer to me saying “We hear you and would like to do something more with this in the future, we just can’t give you an accurate timeframe of when that will be.” I probably should be clearer (as should support) about what this means, as I can see how it could come off as placating.

Just level-setting the fact that we’ll be honest if something is on our radar, and transparent when a request is too niche based on our resources right now.

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