POLL: Is your Labs power quality graph current?

Can ANYONE confirm their labs power quality graph is current and functioning properly?

Sense internal support states the issue of the graph not updating since the 9th is only effecting a handful us users which is why it is taking so long to determine the cause much less a fix.

If you are effected by this issue, please submit a ticket if you have not already.

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Nope, not updated since November 10th for me.

Mine has not updated since the 9th.

Hopefully the Sense engineers can demine the correlation between being an active forum user and this issue. As it appears all forum users make up the “few monitors” effected by this.

Mine is back to November 9th. That is over two weeks out of date.

My power quality graph has not updated since November 10th.

I will submit a trouble ticket.

I have not before now because I was told not to awhile back. At that time, sense support techs were not able to address power quality issues because it is a lab feature.

I submitted a trouble ticket to get help with the apparent data drops on the power quality graph.
At that time, I fully expected the glitch to be worked out promptly and that the graph would be up-dated.

I mentioned the lab feature not working to the support tech as a side note. S/He then replied that there wasn’t a problem.

If there wasn’t a problem, why was my power quality graph stuck on the 10th of November?

I’ve given up on Sense Support but I will
Submit another ticket for the team.

Nov 9th the clock stopped here as well

Got November 9th here… Gerry

November 9th

Add another for the 9th.