Real time line voltage- graph (meter style)

Has anyone suggested a real time voltage graph which could be included in the meter view? I appreciate the sense labs version. It often lags by a day or more.


Mars, I am new to discussion group and figured I could start here. I agree with you that the data is available and would be very helpful if provided. Additionally, in my attempt to understand energy usage in my home. I also think it would be helpful to see sensors independently on the graphs. {I tried to insert a graphic, but not allowed :frowning: To see phases independently, I have to go to Account, then Meter} My reasoning for this suggestion is that most home owners know what devices are on what incoming power phase. That instantly would divide your search by two when trying to isolate or identify a device. Do you agree a color stacked graph would be useful?

I’ve adjusted your permissions to enable you to share graphics!