How to remove Smart TP-Link Power Strip HS300 - Shows up as Multiple Smart Plugs

I had an HS300 in the office, and it was feeding multiple devices (Desktop, laptop, Raspberry PI, printer, UPS, various chargers, …). Now, the net consumption from each of those devices was very small and it makes no sense to monitor each individually.

I then switched to a single KP115, feeding a power strip, which then feeds the various devices.

I wanted to remove/delete all entries related to the HS300 smart strip but can’t. Any hint on how to achieve that?

Thank You

Digression: Incidentally, all devices in my office consume barely 200W, the same as the heater in a 29G fresh water aquarium. Many years ago, while a student at MIT, we had a special room (5-017) housing a PDP11-44 computer. The computer was generating so much heat that it needed its own cooling. That specific room was cold, and many students loved to setup their experiments there, especially during the summer days. The computers we use today no longer double as space/personal heaters like their ancestors.

My guess: Use the Kasa Smart app on your smartphone to remove the HS300 and it’ll stop showing up in Sense.

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Thank you. I did just that and it no longer shows in Kasa, but it still does in Sense.

I could factory reset Sense but I’d rather not.

As far as I’m aware, you have two choices.

  1. Remove the TP Link integration from Sense. this will erase all TP link devices. Then set it up again from scratch. You do not need to factory reset the entire Sense. Just disable the integration.

  2. Rename the old devices in Sense to whatever you are now plugging into that HS300. Just know that the historic data from the old device will still be there and averages other “rolling stats” will be off for a while.

Basically, once Sense adds a TP link device, it remembers that device forever because all it know is that it is device ID AE123456 and you have chosen to call it “Printer”. If you plug something else into device AE123456, sense still sees it as such.
There is not a way to “clear” statistics from specific devices.