Humidifier & De-Humidifier Sub-categories

@BradAtSense… you know detecting this was at the top of my list. I do believe most of my big loads have now been captured, apart from a couple of newly installed kitchen items, however…

My whole house humidifier has just been detected as “water heater 2”, which is reasonable for naming unaided by the user as it includes its own water heater as it’s biggest load and at this time of year is a huge consumer. Good news.

I’ve been through the device naming cards and can’t find a Humidifier. Mine happens to be dominantly a heating device, but that is not its function. Similarly de-humidifiers are essentially refridgerators, but that is not their function.

I suggest that your heating and cooling categories should be turned into one with 3 sub categories: Heat, Cool, Humidity, then split the last into Humidifier and De-Humidifier. The whole package is part of air conditioning.

We can then categorize more helpfully for the data science folk and get a better picture for ourselves how much it is costing to manage the overall environment in the home

Hey @dave_n_s - thanks for the suggestion!

There should be humidifier and dehumidifier categories under “appliances”. Are you not seeing those?


Yeah, Humidifier is categorized under Appliances.

My whole home humidifier (Honeywell he360) was discovered as unnamed heat before I renamed it. It pulls only about 60W.

Thanks @BradAtSense, I’ve found the appliance list with humidifier in it.

Access to that list is not intuitive, at least the way I got to it, which was selecting the type field, which gives no indication it expands. Needs a chevron or similar at the right end to indicate that; the world of Human Factors assumes users like me are dumb, which seems about right in this case!

@Bubuski, thank you also. Stand-alone ultrasonic humidifiers are low power, as are a lot of integrated humidifiers which work by sucking HVAC air across a damp mesh. A few for larger homes in very dry areas generate their own steam.

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