Proper way to recategorize misidentified devices? (to avoid screwing up others)


So what is the “best practice” method when it comes to renaming/categorizing devices that come in mislabeled? For example I’ve had sense in for just over a week now; I love it! That said I just got an identification this morning for “AC” and a picture of a fan. Which is great except I haven’t run the AC at all since the unit has been installed :wink: I’m pretty sure this is actually our furnace blower fan (266 average watts has run 49 times since install) so how should I categorize this? Under furnace I don’t see a “fan” option; should I just simply recategorize it as a furnace? My main concern is when I was watching/learning about Sense prior to purchase I learned that it would find individual components in the furnace (IE blower fan, combustion fan/ ignitor?) so I was worried about potentially messing up that portion of the learning.

I guess what I’m getting at here is if I name this a furnace instead of a “fan” am I going to screw up detection for other users? I mean I know what it is but if this leads to further mislabeling for others that doesn’t really help anyone :slight_smile:


Hey @gtpprix,

Great question. In this case furnace is probably the best categorization but I also wouldn’t worry too much. We have quite a few data points so you can classify things as what makes most sense to you, and you won’t throw things for a loop :). Thanks for checking!


Thanks Ben! This actually ended up being our dryer of all things. Was just worried if I wasn’t 100% perfect I might screw up detection for someone else :slight_smile:

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