Hybrid heat pump water heater



My AO Smith HPWH was discovered within a month, but only half of it. One phase reports the compressor cycles pretty accurately, but after 8 months, the other phase still has not been discovered. Strange since they both should be the same.


Another bit to save energy:
Get an Intermatic timer, the one rated for 10,000 watts.
I have my water heater (heat pump only mode) run between 11pm and 7am and set to 140f. By the time the timer commands a shutdown, the tank has had a chance to recoup from both morning showers.

Are you saying that the Rheem EcoNet heat pump water heater doesn’t have a timer mode? And that you needed to buy a separate timer for it? I installed a timer on our current water heater but was hoping that Rheem EcoNet would be able to replace that. Disappointing.


It doesn’t have a timer, but does work with 3rd part apps. You can toggle modes or home/away modes. I believe it “works with nest”. I can control it via home assistant.

Any of these methods achieve the same goal without needing a timer.


Context: We currently have a resistant storage water heater, an Aquanta control unit for it, and solar PV. The rate plan we’re on with Hawaiian Electric means that it to our advantage to have the water heater heat up water in the tank from 10am-4pm daily, and to have us use that water in the evenings and for morning showers. We get $0.15 per kWh sold back to Hawaiian Electric and they charge us about $0.33 per kWh for power they sell us.

Current setup: I’ve programmed the Aquanta to only run between 10am and 4pm daily. It heats up to about 130 degrees and that water is enough to take us through the evening.

Need: Can I integrate the Rheem with home automation so the set temperature is less from 4pm to 10 am? That way I can have it run while the solar is generating electricity and maximize my savings.


Depends on your home automation platform, if they have an integration, they you certainly can do this. I can do this with home assistant.


So home assistant can automate the schedule for the Rheem hybrid water heaters?


Yes, you can change the temp/mode based on anything available to home assistant.

For example: If my wife pushes a button, change the mode from heat pump to high demand. (For large bath tub)

Or: if the time is between 4pm and 10am, set the temp to 120 and change the mode to heat pump only, else eco mode and 130 degrees.