I have a split 400amp and solar quad sense

I’ve been reading about putting 2 of the sensors at the inlet to the meter and other 2 on the solar.

couple of questions…if anybody can help

  1. is the potential damage at the digitizer (assuming some analog protection then A to D). I anticipate in the future to potentially hitting that 400 amps. I have a 36kw tankless Hot Water and will be charging an EV in a few years. trying to understand the likelihood of failure and where the clipping would start (which would effect power calcs)

  2. why is this configuration better then just connecting the split. I get that actual solar would be measured but Im assuming the negative numbers would be added in and most if not all devices can be found at night.

  3. Is there a future solar related costing similar to the TOU. SCE charges a delivery fee so I lose 8 cents from the base TOU rate sending it out.

  4. just curious is there work going forward to add a 3rd channel or have a second sense to participate with this one.

I have split 400A and solar as well. I have chosen to put my Sense main CT on the pre-meter 400A feed for the following reason. I actually have 2 Sense monitors, one combining the 400A and solar (top), the other looking at just the two 200A feeds (bottom). The output of the bottom is net usage gibberish.

There are times when I have combined loads of 2 EVs (20kW + 12kW), plus dual AC (7kW), plus normal house loads (another 3kW) and I’m not seeing any clipping of ill effects.

I should have done more calcs… the 36kW tankless is 150amp per side. assuming even loads between the two yours I think is 180amps per side (phase) max. . my max with stove top and dual oven could get me to double that…still concerning for damage but not for clipping since the vast majority of the time it will be well below 200 either side.

Ill have to get permission to open the panel on the meter side

So can the electric co to unlock and its up and running looks with 38k being pull in didnt see clipping. at night with a EV charger I could get upto 55kW 238amps (55k/240).

thanks for the response

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