Idea for a new feature


Recently I heard my A/C condensing unit cycling rapidly. I went to the thermostat and it was quick cycling the cooling. Resetting the t’stat and a battery change did not solve the problem. Installed an old t’stat as a temporary solution. A check of Sense

As you can see the cycling was pretty rapid. And as the following shows the t’stat had done it earlier but i didn’t catch it.

Here’s my thought: In the future when an item cycles this frequently the system could identify it as a potential issue and an alert can be sent. If this had gone on too long it would have been catastrophic.


That’s a pretty good idea. You could use the devices’s previous history in order to come up with some “typical” pattern and then send notification is something goes outside that patter one or two standard deviations.


@halkat971, thanks for the suggestion! Fault detection like this is something that is on our radar for the future.