Alert frequent cycling


TL;DR: I would really love to make alerts that trigger for increased cycling of appliances to detect problems early.

Brief story: I just installed my sense last week, has been dutifully identifying different loads in my house. While trying to name them I found one that was cycling regularly, and very frequently, which I eventually identified as my furnace. It shouldn’t have been cycling like that, and it triggered my investigation to find a clogged air filter that was causing the heat exchanger to overheat, hence repeatedly tripping the overheat protection. While I’m already impressed that the Sense could help me detect a problem like that, my future chances of discovering a similar issue would be helped with notifications that could tell me if certain appliances are cycling above a threshold, or have changed dramatically.

Thanks in advance for considering!


I would x2 this as a potentially useful thing. One of the very first things my Sense unit showed me when I was able to see our homes usage on a chart was that our refrigerator, which I suspected was dying, was indeed acting strangely - short cycling, and then sometimes running nonstop for hours and hours.

Sure enough, it was indeed dying, and it’s since been replaced. It was 18 years old, it didn’t owe us much.


Interesting. I’m curious how you’d like to see this implemented. Would you prefer to set some limit of cycles per hour, or have that number suggested based on the device type? The issue with the former is that it’s tough to know what’s normal without watching it for a while (or having a fair amount of knowledge going into it). The issue I’d expect with the latter is that devices and homes vary significantly, so — for example — the same fridge could cycle with vastly different frequencies in two different homes.