Identified Device misses part of the cycle

I am have noticed that, although my Sense has detected my garage heater (natural gas heater), it does not identify or include the combustion fan in the device identification. The combustion cycle occurs every time the garage heater comes on…

I have attached a screenshot of the sense energy monitor - you can see the point where Sense identifies the garage heater, and the blue circled portion is the combustion/ignition cycle.

I have had my Sense module installed for 4-5 months now, and the combustion/ignition cycle appears to be very repeatable (if not identical), always preceding the garage heater main fan. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? Or are there are any suggestions/recommendations on how to get this included in the device identification?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

I do wonder about this too. I have several devices that Sense has identified. I originally thought when Sense has detected them, it knows what power is going to them. This may be true for things like a space heater. I feel it is not as true for some other devices. I often will see the Other balloon expand when some devices come on leading me to conclued that Sense isn’t attributing all the power the device is taking to that one device. Also strange to see Sense think my Oven is on when my Hot Tub is the only 240v device that could be on (and vice versa).

I assumed that Sense was being conservative and that’s why it takes so long to discover devices. It only wants to show them to you when it has a history of being able to detect just those devices. But perhaps that isn’t true. Yesterday it found my coffee maker. It’s been looking at it turning on and then off every morning since September 1. Then all day yesterday it kept saying the Coffee Maker is on. It shows it used 300x the power it ever used on a previous day…

I consider this device like my Tesla. It has all the hardware it needs, now the software needs to catch up. Hopefully it will before Tesla makes Sense obsolete.