IFTTT On/Off time lag differences


Hey, I’m using IFTTT to log on/off times for my septic pump. I noticed a difference in the way on/off events are logged.

Any “off” event is basically logged into the google sheet within a minute or so of the event. However, “On” events take a bunch of time- up to maybe two hours later! Out of 50 events I’ve captured so far, in only 2 or 3 of the pairs did the ON event log to the spreadsheet before the OFF event.

I’m thinking that this is something more than the inherent instability of an IFTTT function- there has to be a difference in the way the two events are coded. Does anybody have any insights on this? I’m trying to automate a graph of the runtimes, but with the inconsistency in logging I have to do a lot of manual intervention to update my chart…