Sense + Hurricane Irma + IFTT

Left my home to go somewhere safer during Irma. Lost power because of the storm and it still hasn’t returned. From where I was staying, I had no way to know if/when power came back on.

So I created an iftt applet to send me a notification when device “always on” turns on. It’s a bit of a hack, but it seems like it should do the trick. Might be a good product wishlist item to add the sense monitor online/offline status as a trigger in ifttt.

@BenAtSense - Should my applet work? I’ll update the thread when my power comes back and I can report the results.


That’s a good one… I’m going to try that… although in times past the internet may stop this from working but very clever!

@joseph.h.schwartz thanks for sharing! It should work. My only thought is that since ‘Always On’ takes about 24 hours to appear (as Sense needs to determine what is ‘Always On’ vs just ‘On’ for a number of hours), it won’t tell you exactly when power comes back on.

We are working on an offline monitor notification however!

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