IFTTT On/Off time lag differences

Hey, I’m using IFTTT to log on/off times for my septic pump. I noticed a difference in the way on/off events are logged.

Any “off” event is basically logged into the google sheet within a minute or so of the event. However, “On” events take a bunch of time- up to maybe two hours later! Out of 50 events I’ve captured so far, in only 2 or 3 of the pairs did the ON event log to the spreadsheet before the OFF event.

I’m thinking that this is something more than the inherent instability of an IFTTT function- there has to be a difference in the way the two events are coded. Does anybody have any insights on this? I’m trying to automate a graph of the runtimes, but with the inconsistency in logging I have to do a lot of manual intervention to update my chart…

I’m using IFTTT for another device in my house (not Sense related), and I’ve also noticed that triggers are sometimes nearly instantaneous, while others are delayed by ~5min. Why the difference? I’ve heard that IFTTT servers are just slow…so maybe it’s just an IFTTT issue?

Maybe you could look at another server for data logging? Sparkfun has a tutorial here that may be helpful:

Thanks Edison! With the consistency that the “offs” were logged before the “ons”, I’m still under the impression that the specific coding has something to do with it. Or maybe IFTTT has a bug where a certain log has a queue that goes to sleep, and the second item in wakes up that queue? Who knows. BUT, in the past month Sense has all but forgotten that device anyway. :frowning: Luckily I had put together a Raspberry Pi energy monitor that I hooked up to the hot wire on my septic pump, and I log that data right to a Google sheet. Will check out that sparkfun link anyway just to see what it’s all about!

This post may be helpful, if not interesting. I think I might try getting this to work :slight_smile:

You should be able to do this with Home Assistant pretty easily. @enbickar’s Sense module creates an on/off sensor for each device, and the polling period is 60 seconds.

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