Ignore Connected Devices wired to separate panels

Please, before more smart devices are integrated into Sense, first create the ability to ignore them!!

I have a number of smart devices around my house and garage. I bought some more Kasa EP25 smart plugs and an HS300 power strip to help Sense ID some more uncommon devices. I had one extra smart plug, so I plugged it into a ventilation fan which would be handy to turn off remotely. Unfortunately, that fan is wired to a different panel than the one with the Sense monitor installed. It is therefore unusable. It will work fine with the fan, but when the fan turns on the Sense monitor will not see any increase in power… Who knows what sort of inaccuracies would result? If only I could tell Sense to ignore that one plug!

That situation got me worrying about other smart devices wired on other panels… If Sense detects one I’ll be faced with the choice of either not using it to keep Sense functioning accurately, or not using Sense anymore…


Quick question - so the second panel is not a subpanel of the one Sense is connected to ? If that’s the case, the main inaccuracy you are going to see is a somewhat smaller Other than correct, because your fan power will be subtracted off the wrong panel when computing Other.

Possible workarounds include:

  • Putting the fan smartplug on a different WiFi subnet
  • Using a simpler Kasa on/off smartplug for the fan - on that doesn’t provide power measurements.

ps: I see this Wishlist enchantment as a critical piece of the broader 2 Sense monitors for a single house on a single account request.

Second panel is not a sub of first. I have three 100a sub main panels off 200 a service. Three 100a main breakers. Although your suggestion of using a second wifi channel is a good one, Sense really does need to implement an “ignore” feature for folks like me, with multiple panels. Or provide better integration for all three. I don’t have room in my main to install a monitor there, and even if I did, it’s outside and can get sub-zero degrees F in winter. This sort of sub-main panel arrangement is not uncommon in rural areas.

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