Can sense ignore specific tplink smart plugs, but monitor others?

I know this is probably an edge case for most users of sense, but thought I would check.

My office at home is running on off grid solar and I use a couple tplink smart power strips to power devices. They of course also connect to the main wifi for my house.

Now, I just added another tplink device for my fridge because sense wasn’t finding it and enabled the smart plug option in settings. It found the fridge tplink plug which is great, but it’s now also listing about 10 of the smart power strip devices from my office that I don’t want to monitor or show up in sense at all.

So basically want I want is a feature to tell sense to completely ignore a specific tplink device, but monitor others.

Is there a way to do this with the current product?


If you have the ability with your wifi network configuration you can create multiple SSIDs.

Put the TP-Links you want on Sense on one SSID and the other plugs on another SSID.

@kevin1 is likely giving you the details as I speak …

You can put the office TP-Links on a separate subnet - I have my Sense and TP-Links on an IoT subnet, that isn’t the same as the main house WiFi network. Sense and TPlink work via broadcasts, so there might be other fancy ways (VLANs) to separate the two.

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Multiple SSIDs doesn’t necessarily mean separate subnets. You need to make sure each SSID is assigned to an isolated subnet.

Creating separate VLANs to solve this seems like silly overkill. This seems like a slam-dunk feature request and would solve my issue where I’m stuck on two Sense devices for 400 amp service and all of my smart plugs show on both. It would be nice to be able to ignore them on one or another. I’m not setting up VLANs for Sense. That’s absurd.

I’ll reiterate that all of the recent hyped functionality that has been added ignores us forced to have two Sense devices: smart plugs don’t work correctly, other smart device integrations do not work well, trending doesn’t work - it’s only seeing half my usage. The lack of forethought into these additions tells me that Sense has no real plans to solve the multiple monitor/400 amp issue.

Or it tells us that supporting multiple Sense’s is harder than the “afternoon” of coding that many users seem to suggest. Having thought a little about the implementation, the challenge of operating multiple Senses in a single home and having the same functionality as a single Sense is trickier than it looks.

I’m in tech. I understand how unbelievably complicated it must be. However, I am concerned that recent product innovation seems to ignore the concept that there are some of us running 2x200 service now with two Sense monitors or ignores the premise that multi-monitor will be available in the future. Simple things like being able to ‘ignore’ a smart plug on one account because the load is connected to the other monitor. The addition of a trending feature was another sign that there is no plan for multi-monitor households.

I understand your pain… I’m a 2x200 service as well. I went the route of popping open my pre-meter box to install Sense. I truly wish that I could do it the clean way via 2 Sense monitors, and plan to do so in the long run, once they get there. I also believe that the Sense folks are incentivized correctly (2 sales are better then 1), are certainly looking at ways to make multi-monitor work, and that not having a smartplug “ignore” feature is no way indicative of them not planning multi-monitor support.

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Sense built a product with a spec and system requirements. They have supported that spec and system requirement. People have chosen to use their product outside of that spec. Yes they have said that it is something they are looking into, and some wording in the past may have given the impression that a fix was higher on the road map than it may actually be.

But ultimately, those with 2 monitors in their home are doing so on their own. Users have suggested work arounds. Wouldn’t it be better if they spent the time working on getting 2 Senses to work on one account which is a more pressing matter vs building a work around for a use case that the system isn’t designed for?

While it seems like there are a good number of people on this forums who want this feature, the question is, how many use cases are there really that need it outside of the bubble of an online forums. Sense has a partnership with Schneider electric. I don’t know how they operate together, but one would think that they get some data from Schneider that would potentially include such things as “we think you are missing an entire market of people by not supporting multiple monitors in one home, or 400amp panels.”
I am not saying that Sense is or is not working on this, but I feel these comments and needs are way overblown to the bigger goal and reach of Sense.

I understand that Sense does not work for you as designed, but I think it is a bit unreasonable to be upset about it. Am I frustrated that I can’t use Nest’s thermostats in my home in Massachusetts because they don’t make a heat detector? Absolutely, but I can’t get too mad at Nest because of it.


I will chime in that I too would like more control over how Sense manages smartplugs.

I recently had one of my HS110’s die an unfortunate death. It’s a long story. Problem is…now I’m left with an effectively orphaned smartplug and 10 months of very valued data along with it. I replaced the HS110 but of course it’s now a “new” device without the history or valuable stat’s I so wanted to maintain.

I did send a request to support last night hoping they can somehow migrate or merge the data from the old HS110 to the new HS110, but I really wish that there was a way to do this at the user level.

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