Smart plugs and 2x200 amp service

I am still waiting for Sense to provide the ability to monitor the two 200-amp service feeds I have in my home on a single account. I currently have two Sense devices and two accounts, which is a pain and does not give me a true accounting of my home’s electrical use.

My latest issue with this setup is incorporation of HS110 smart plugs.If I enable the TP-Link integration on both accounts, all of the plugs appear in both accounts. Has anyone found a workaround like deleting specific integrated devices from one account or the other if I know which 200-amp service is supporting them?

Please, please Sense - allow for the merging of two devices. I’ve been begging for two years.


I’ll leave this thread open for the smart plug question, but this is the current official statement on multi-monitor support. We do not need another thread discussing the merits of multi-monitor/400A support so keep this thread focused on the smart plug question.

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Depending on what networking equipment you have in your home, if you can create two segregated networks with two SSIDS. Put one Sense associated smart plugs on that panel onto one network, and the other Sense on the other network with smart plugs on that panel.

At least I think that should work. Can’t say I’ve done it myself.

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Yes, if you create VLANs or separate subnets it will work.

Most home routers won’t give you that ability … and simply having multiple SSIDs won’t necessarily work unless those SSIDs are for different networks.

I don’t have 2 Senses but I did try two different SSIDs on my extended Apple Extreme Basestation network (4 access points). The way it works for me, the second SSID is a separate (guest) subnet. It looks like my Sense can’t see the HS110s on the other SSID/subnet.

The Apple “Guest” network/SSID is another VLAN. Vlan 1003 to be exact. Apple just obscures the idea of VLANs. So you should not be able to see traffic between the two.

Other home routers that allow multiple SSID’s may not do the heavy lifting of creating the other subnets for you automatically.

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Have you made sure you need two monitors and exhausted all options?
If you have a single electric meter, chances are extremely high that a single monitor is all you need.

The meter is 50’ or more from the closest panel. If the sense is powered via breaker, how do I supply power?

You’d have to run wire. The easiest would be underground ROMEX.
Or place a panel at the meter site with a breaker for Sense

They do offer 40’ extension cables for the Sense. Is there somewhere inside your home you can put the Sense where you can plug it into a 220v outlet (or panel) and then run the CT extensions to the meter?

So I just installed 2 sense units. And would love to see support for both on 1 account

Hey Mitch. This thread is about smart plugs on 400A service. To show your support for multi-monitor support, please ‘Like’ the relevant thread here: Multiple monitor and 400A support