3rd times a charm and how to use "What's Connected to This"

After originally installing in the main panel and discovering I was missing a 2nd A/C and the Car Charger I re-installed it on the sub panel outside.

Only to find that I had used a tandem breaker and not a double pole (as pointed out by a fellow user)
So as I did not have any room for an addition breaker I had to piggy back of of the Car charger
I know this is not ideal and not up to code but I was out of options a new panel just so I could install the Sense was not an option.
So now it is at least installed and working but now I have a more questions.

Concerning the setup I am using smart plugs here is the walk through of the Kasa plug options that I have taken:
Devices > Item > Settings > Device Setting > Details > Item > Type (Toaster Oven)
Manage > “Whats Connected to This” do I check the “Other device”) box? (I have checked Wiser Device)
What does “NON DETECTED DEVICE” mean.

One of the devices is a power strip that I have a computer and screens attached to under “NON DETECTED DEVICES” do I check “Power Strip”?

Thanks for any guidance


Glad you have Sense running in your complicated box.

Here’s a quick view on configuring “What’s Connected to This?”.

The main goal of this feature is to prevent Sense double-counting measured info from the smart plug and from one or more native detections. The list of “NON DETECTED DEVICE(s)” at the to are really just non-essential placeholders options, that give Sense a little extra information (single device or power strip).

You’ll also notice that you can tick off multiple boxes since some kinds of appliances can have multiple detections. And it can also handle the case where you have a power strip on which one or two of the devices have been detected - check off Power Strip, plus the detected devices.

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