Important update from Sense RE: serial #s beginning M7190


Hi everyone. Posting this letter on behalf of Mike (or CEO). Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We’re eager to help!

We recently discovered an issue with a hardware component from a particular manufacturing batch that has affected a small number of our sensors. One of our suppliers used an out of spec component while manufacturing the connectors on the sensor cables. As a result, these sensors may not have a reliable connection to the monitor. This is not a safety issue, but it can affect the quality of the signals being transmitted to the monitor. We have sent emails out to the customers whose monitors are affected so that we can work with them to resolve this issue. Only monitors with serial numbers beginning M7190 are affected by this manufacturing problem.

Although we conduct rigorous quality tests during manufacturing, this problem only occurs after repeatedly connecting the sensor to the monitor. (It was connected in the factory for testing, and then again in your homes.) We are now introducing new quality tests so that we can avoid this in the future. We are also conducting new signal tests remotely on all installed Sense monitors to ensure they meet our standards of quality. These tests will not affect your experience with Sense.

We realize that only a subset of sensors from this batch will experience symptoms, caused by additional noise in the signals from the loose connection, but we feel the best thing to do is to replace the entire batch of monitors.

We understand that this is really frustrating to those of you affected. I want to sincerely apologize. The entire team and I are committed to building an exceptional Sense experience and a high quality product, and we recognize that this is not acceptable. We are now working to quickly fix the problem.

Our support team is available to answer your questions, and we’ve posted answers to some of the questions we anticipate here.

Mike Phillips


Note that you can find you Serial Number by opening the Sense app and going to the Settings screen:
Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor

There is also a sticker on the original packaging materials, and one on the monitor itself.


Fortunately my device is not affected. However, this is really awesome you folks are proactively replacing faulty units.



I opted to replace mine. I believe in Sense and look forward to it’s evolution. I read a lot for a long time about Sense before deciding to purchase and install it, as my initial reaction to finding out it existed was to get one immediately. I have been aware of others’ frustration with waiting on device identification but had educated myself on machine learning and the concepts of how other methods of data collection would impact long term what Sense is accomplishing. I appreciate the honesty and rectification options offered about the situation.

Ironically as I was finishing that last sentence I had to leave to see why my dogs wouldn’t stop barking. It was FedEx delivering the replacement Sense.

Brad, will my data be merged when the new one is connected or am I starting over?


Hey @AZO_Dave -

Unfortunately, I believe this will be a fresh start for you. While it’s possible that if you sign up with the same email address while setting up this new device that your past usage will carry over (that lives in the cloud), any models for detected devices won’t be able to carry over because they live on the physical box themselves. Sorry about that!

Hope this new one works out well for you. Sorry again for the troubles!


Are there plans to backup those models in the cloud?


I’ll try and find out more about how exactly this works and report back. I may have misrepresented how exactly the models work between your individual monitor and the cloud, but I am pretty sure that for this current use case, the new Sense you received won’t be able to immediately carry over the device list you had with your last one.

Have you had a chance to get the new one installed yet? Hope it’s going ok this time!


I replaced my Sense on Tuesday. The only problem I had was:

      Mar 27, 19:16 EDT

      I've just installed the replacement Sense, but the app is still showing the previous serial number

And the fix was:

      Julia (Sense)
      Mar 28, 11:36 EDT
      Good Morning Dave,
      Thank you for reaching out to us!  When setting up the replacement unit in the Sense app, you will need to log out of your account by going to (Settings > Account > Log Out), then create a new Sense account through the "Get Started" option so that you can fully set up your replacement monitor.
      I hope this helps!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
      Thank you,
      Sense Customer Support

Though I signed back in with the same email address none of the devices nor settings came back, so it’s back to relearning and I’ve customized all the settings. The old Sense ran for two months before replacement and had identified two furnaces, two HVAC fans, an infared heater, an Instant Pot, a pair of outdoor floodlights, microwave, the hallway lights, the ice dispenser on the fridge, the fridge itself, the clothes dryer, coffee maker, dishwasher heat element and something else I’m forgetting. It was finalizing identification of the range/oven and a hair dryer.

I’ll be interested to see if the new Sense picks up the same devices in roughly the same time and/or order. Not sure if the same device is identified if the previous history will return or not. I’ll post an update when it happens.


Update: it’s been a week with replacement Sense and 5 of the devices have been re-identified. No history but no big deal, it was only two months live.


Thanks for the update @AZO_Dave. Glad it’s working out for you.

For everyone else, I just received confirmation that no historical data will transfer to your fresh Sense install. This is unfortunate for sure, but it is worth noting that even if it did, there’s a solid chance it wasn’t accurate due to the noisy CT sensor readings.


I hope this is a gap the Sense team can fill in the future for customers who have to replace a unit for reasons other than potentially inaccurate data readings. For example if a new Sense piece of HW is ever released would we give up everything collected to date if we choose to upgrade?


Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have that capability in a user-facing form. At the moment, we’re 100% focusing efforts on data detection, but I agree that some sort of data transfer is a key inclusion in the future, especially so in the case of new hardware rollouts, as you mention (we’re dedicated to software and backend improvements for the time being). I will definitely pass this along to the team.


Update: It’s now mid June and this replacement Sense has detected the main house HVAC fan and AC, a conversion space HVAC, HVAC fan and AC, ceiling light/fan, clothes dryer, fridge & ice dispenser, Instant Pot, microwave, range/oven and vacuum with an additional Light 1 and AC 3 to ID and rename.


How is that comparing with your previous Sense?


Almost identical. The fridge, ice dispenser and Instant Pot even showed up in the same order. The vacuum was a surprise recently. This morning I renamed Heat 3 as my wife’s curling iron.

Lately though it’s confused the two HVAC systems and two AC compressor units outdoors. Figured it’s best to delete them and readd them as they resurface. I believe each compressor and HVAC system combo doesn’t run for the same length of time, nor have the same start/stop times. I noticed numerous times of being in the main house with the AC actively on that sometimes it was identified, sometimes shared with Other and other times identified as the other system for a converted garage space.


…I just received confirmation that no historical data will transfer to your fresh Sense install…

MachoDrone hopes he doesn’t get hit by lightning. He also hopes his Sense Monitor doesn’t get hit by lightning.
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Update: 6 months after replacement installation. Info gleaned from earlier posts and current stats.





Thanks for the update. It’s nice to see that your 2nd monitor is tracking pretty close.