Replace failed sense unit

I really wish sense would include a “unit swap” feature… I had a sense unit wifi device fail (internal to the sense unit) so I replaced it with a newer model that had the ethernet port (way better!) but sense couldn’t just update the unit ID in my account… I had to basically start all over as if it was a fresh install. Now sense, you know you guys get flack about how long it takes to identify devices, plus you now are offering revenue grade metering… We need a way to be able to swap units without loosing our historical generation, production, and devices. Its kind of silly that this isn’t an easy change on your end… I was super surprised to hear you can’t do this… So, I’m starting from square one with my new unit… 80 or so identified devices gone, years of historical data gone. boo…


They need to link the data to the user and NOT the device itself. When I lived in the US I had a Sense meter in my house and was amazing but I ended up with a few issues and reset the unit and lost all the data prior to the reset which surprised me as well. I reset and left my original Sense meter installed in the house that I sold for the new homeowner but I am not sure if they use it or not. I have a new Sense meter and I am using it here in the Philippines and I am very happy I decided to get another one. Another feature you lose if you reset your Sense meter and dont set it up again in the app is the ability to log into this forum. I lost my ability to log into this forum for a year until I get my new Sense meter working.


After 4+ years of using sense in a water tight main breaker box, located in car port with totally no water ingress, the PCB of my Sense (no protection of any king like a plastic spray, not what I was learned when I studied electronics) was starting to measure wrong info.
Sense offered me a refurbished unit for a lowered price.
That is all pretty nice.
But what I am still upset about is losing 4 years of data.
They suggested a new email address for the new unit.
I don’t want an extra email address just to “save” old data.
Way too confusing so I re-used my primary email address and thus flushing all old data.

We are living in 2023: Everything is a database!
There should be a way to (even paid if necessary) to merge and/or immigrate old data into an account for a replacement device.


At least they offered you a refurbished device. I am just getting a circular set of emails that tell me to do something else and reconfigure my WIFI. After 3 years of being connected to WIFI it is something I am doing.

I am very disappointed that I will lose all my data with a new device. But I do like the information.

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