Sense Hardware Failure

Close to six years after purchasing, I’m afraid my Sense finally kicked the bucket. It’s been briefly dropping connection off and on (1-5min) for about 6mos, but finally lost connection for good a week ago. I had time to check on it today - will not respond to connection attempts via phone, even after power cycling.

Six years of hot Phoenix summers, I guess it had to come to an end some time. What to do from here? Will a new unit work with old CT hardware? I’ve reached out to support for some guidance.

My sense kicked the bucket way earlier.
I had to send it to Sense HQ and they determined there was moisture that corroded some parts of the printed circuit board.
As an electronic engineer I honestly don’t understand why they didn’t put any kind of plastic coating on the PCB to make it more weather resistant.
My main breaker panel is under a car port and never got one drop of rain on it.
But humidity/cold/warm, it went through all that.

They offered me a refurbished replacement unit (including CT’s so the full package) for a reduced price.
What I was most upset about is that they will not let you transfer the old data to the new hardware.
If you want to use the same email address, you will lose all your information you built up for almost 6 years. And it is nothing more than a database copy to transfer the old info into the new entity.
If you register your new device with a new email address, it will start from zero.
You will still be able to access your old data but not compare them easily.

Best of luck.

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Hey there @NJHaley, our Support team would be happy to help you resolve this issue. You can reach them directly via the Sense mobile app by navigating to Settings > Help > Contact Us, or at

Thanks Julia. I have contacted support (session A03AA40A), but there seems to be some sort of miscommunication there. The hardware has failed. It’s not a problem with my phone.

@NJHaley I just spoke with our Support team and one of our Senior agents will be in touch with you shortly.

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Great, thanks!

It seems a bit like a lost cause, just not sure where to proceed from here and whether there’s any data there for you guys to look through - recognizing a failing Sense module, for example.

Of course! Hoping our Support team will help you with some sort of resolution here.