Frustrated with getting solar dialed in

Long time Sense user, and recently purchased a new unit when my original failed.

I remember support being slow-ish, but I’ve been going back and forth with support for several days now because my solar/consumption readings are constantly out of whack. This happened with the original unit as well, but support had it fixed after a single email.

These days, it’s a single reply a day. Each time, support says they’ve updated my unit and corrected the issue. Each time, I’ve gone into the app not long after getting the email… And nothing has changed.

Is it me, or has support not really improved much in the 6yrs+ Sense has been around?

How long have solar users had to wait before support finally gets it right?

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Hi @NJHaley , good to see you. I remember you from the early days. Sorry to hear you are battling the dreaded “solar configuration” challenge again. We’ve seen a fair number of those on the forum since late summer - even some cases where a functioning solar setup lost its configuration. I can’t tell you how long it typically takes, but I have seen a couple get fixed along the way (often users ask for help on the forum, but don’t close the loop o the topic when support gets them going again).

Thanks @kevin1. When the sun set, the consumption normalized, but I’m expecting it to disappear again tomorrow when the sun comes up again.

I’ll post back when I get it sorted out. So far, three days, three emails, and two “corrected” responses.

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Another email, another claimed fix, another day waiting for a follow up because it’s still not fixed.

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I totally understand your feelings.
It is unnecessary and happens way to often.
Getting no/slow response makes it even worse.

It’s evident that they did something, but is it that much more effort to just follow it up for a few minutes to make sure things look reasonable?

Doesn’t make me feel great about being a loyal customer.

2 emails in a day! Fixed, or no, you be the judge:

You would think the support people could see the same graph and deduct themselves this is not the right graph.

But instead
“let’s look at the play book of helpdesk”
“we push button X. Should be fixed now. let’s send an email to the customer it is fixed”

Am I close?

Sounds about right.

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Fixed as of this morning - so roughly 5 days. Good to know, I imagine this problem comes up with almost every solar install.

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