Intermittent Sense connection issues

Most of the time I don’t have an issue. I wrote an app to communicate between Sense and my Tesla so it only charges with the excess solar. Problem is for a few months now there are LONG stretches where the info from the Sense app just shows a busy indicator, some times it even gets so bad it claims I am offline, yet I am using the same setup I always use. Sometimes I’ll get an email saying there are issues, but most of the time I just HAVE issues getting my solar info and I get no info from the folks at Sense. Then just as fast as the issues came it’s back to working perfectly, only the battery I was trying to charge w/ solar is depleted and the sun is going down. Am I the only one?

Today has been a bad day for Sense Timeouts

It’s down again, anyone else seeing this? No one?

@israndy ,
I noticed some delays today when displaying, but there was a lot going on.