Infrared suana


I’ve got an infrared sauna that I use every day at different times. some times at 3 am when nothing else is on. I don’t understand why sense hasn’t found this device yet. It’s still listed in “other”. it seems to always pull the same amount of energy. This has been being used for a very long time, since i’ve had this sense unit installed (replacement unit) which was done in october.

any ideas on how to help get this device detected. i’ve tried being patient and hoping.


Interesting you should ask, I was just wondering the same thing too. I don’t have a sauna, but an infrared heater on my screened in porch. I’ve had Sense for about 2 months and am surprised that hasn’t been discovered. Although, it has two heating elements, controlled by two switches, but hooked up to the same 240 breaker. We usually always have them both on. At first when my oven was detected, it would get them confused, but that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer. I was thinking that would be a fairly obvious heat source, but it hasn’t found it yet.


mines not getting confused… it clearly is still under “other”. mine has a timer and a lot of the time i always have it kick on 20 minutes before i get home so there isn’t a lot of things running at that time.


Yes mine isn’t confused any longer either. At the beginning, it would report the oven on when we turned on the heater. Now it just goes into other (and uses like 4Kw). Which is why I’m surprised that Sense hasn’t identified it. The oven is being reported correctly.

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