I need help. "Help" won't let me submit my issue?


I purchased Sense for the sole purpose of tracking the cost of my 6kW sauna. It’s been over a year now and it still hasn’t figured out the difference between the heating elements in the dryer and the sauna.

Right this minute Sense tells me I am using 135 watts for the fridge, 422 watts for “always on”, and 1058 watts for “other”.

Tell me how this is helpful?


Frustrating, I know. You could kind of fake it out by moving the current sensors from the incoming mains to the 220 v lines feeding the sauna. That eliminates any other devices Sense might have detected, but 100% of the Sauna will show up in Always On, Other, and any Devices that do show up. The total power, run times, and costs will reflect your Sauna.

After 18 months, Sense hasn’t been able to accurately detect/track any of the systems that I purchased it to track either.


Thank you for the thoughtful reply! I guess Sense just really doesn’t care about resolving such a simple request. Certainly there are differences in the signal from the sauna heating elements and the dryer heating elements!
I wonder if there is a way to link the dryer motor signal to the dryer heating element signal. That might help unless I am running the dryer and the sauna at the same time.


I’m detecting some data uploads! I wonder if someone at Sense is looking at my data or if it is just a coincidence.


Harold, are you saying that you tried to submit a Help ticket but were unable to? I’m not seeing any recent tickets from you (and thus no one would be looking at your data). There seems to be an ongoing issue with captcha for mobile app help requests, but you can also reach Support directly via support@sense.com

We certainly care about improving device detection, but it’s a major problem to solve and many heating elements actually do look quite similar (the same can be said for another major load – EVs – and thus our difficulty in tracking the wide gamut of them). We also recently released an integration with smart plugs that may be able to help isolate those devices.


Yes, that is what I am saying.
I couldn’t submit my help request through the ap.


“We certainly care about improving device detection, but it’s a major problem to solve”

Yes, well, perhaps it would have been better to solve the problem BEFORE marketing a product that depends on having that problem solved in order to function as advertised.


Move your CTs to the sauna feed circuit and Sense will work perfectly for your use case.


Yes indeed. But then they would have run out of $ and lacked all the “beta testers”


It seems there have been some technical issues using the Support form. They’re being worked on and should actually be fixed, but to be sure you can reach out directly to support@sense.com.