Integration with Ikea Tradfri Lighting system

Has anyone had any experience with how the Ikea Tradfri lighting system meshes with Sense? I’m getting ready to renovate my kitchen and will be installing a whole bunch of in-drawer and under-cabinet lighting from Ikea. I’ll have their Bridge that connects the system to Homekit for control and schedules of things like under-cabinet lighting at sunset/sunrise, etc. as well as voice control of the ceiling lights that will be on Lutron switches for HomeKit control.

I’m just wondering whether anyone has any experience as to whether any of the close to 40 unique Ikea lighting elements (all LED) will ever be discovered by Sense, or are they all so low voltage it will just be part of the Blob of Other?

Likely they will end up in a blob of Other today, because on/off usage is relatively low and has an undistinguished signature (general electronics). Sense does have an integration with the Hue hub that does feed back usage of each bulb with grouping. But that’s possible mainly because the Hue hub API provides power usage, unlike any others that I am aware of.