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Hi, This is a strange one, and am hoping someone can assist. This device was detected almost immediately upon installation, but I have no idea what it could be. Doesn’t use much power, but runs a lot and for just about 20 seconds at a time. Any ideas what I should look for please?
(I’m hoping you can read the screen capture above).

Would be helpful to see a Power Meter display from a mobile device, with enough resolution to see the switch-on transient.

Yep. See the attached. Thanks for any inputs.

Can you pull that event or similar from the power meter display just for that device? We’ll be able to see the transient better than in the Usage display

Ok, understand. Please see two timeframes here.

You could almost set your watch by it.

Worst comes to worst, you can shut off breakers individually to narrow it down.

Got it! I unplugged the Toto heated toilet seat, and it went away. Back on, and reappeared - same signature. It doesn’t use much power, but it does cycle on and off quite a lot. I see gaps when it goes into ‘power-saving mode’, but they are short and don’t seem to affect much. Thanks all.

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Ah, the price of comfort!

Now if it was a smart toilet seat that could sense an impending visit …

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Actually, they make one that raises the lid as you approach :slight_smile: - bit pricey at $900 each tho!


Wish I had seen this sooner, might have suggested a heated toilet seat as I have one too and it was one of the first devices my Sense picked up. By the way, I live in NH and right now it’s -12F, so my wife is really loving it!


This is helpful, I have an unknown device that is less regular and uses up 700 watts… but only on for 10seconds at a time. Wonder if it is the lizard heating pad under it’s cage??? Thanks for the lead.

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