Internet was out for ~7h - is the data for that period lost forever?



Similar experience here; when my monitor was offline for ~20 minutes on Sunday night, I was watching the Superbowl, but my friend was watching Netflix - so its likely that my internet was up as well.


@BradAtSense, here’s an example from today if these are of any value to see. Sense has been connected to WiFi without interruption for >20 hours (I did some Access Point firmware updates at that time so all devices got booted then) and the ISP hasn’t gone down today. My Wi-Fi management shows Sense has a -59dBm connection right now to the AP about 15 feet away from it in basement. It is now 2:25PM, over an hour beyond where these blank spots show in the app. Should they eventually fill in and it just hasn’t been long enough to know?


I also had a weird “outage” on Thurs that seems to have caused screwy graphics as well. Things look good now.


Since posting my graphic above the largest missing block to the right is now filled in while the two smaller ones to the left are not. I was going to compare to what the web app says but forgot the power meter isn’t yet available there.


I think I have some kind of weird data corruption problem. When I zoom in closer I see one disconnected segment in the gap. When I zoom out, that lone segment seems to cause tons of graphic artifacts, at least when rendering the power meter graph on iOS.