Sense without Internet

So my internet went out for about 20-30 mins. Power remained on, sense monitor not touched.

When all came back there was a gap on the app. I thought it was supposed to re-populate.

I likely could be wrong. No harm asking

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Wait half a day before giving up on finding the data. As you expected, it will normally re-populate, but for some reason this process takes hours. I assume that it uploads old data only in dull moments, because it doesn’t happen right away once the internet comes back.


yeah, when i’m away from home is when i have mysterious outages with internet or something… if i watch, the data doesn’t populate, but when i check it again in the evening, all is good and populated.

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It KINDA filled in. Where was a gap in graph at zero. Now it shows some 350-ish watts vs. some 2000 just before.

There is still a gap just not at zero any more. Guess I should wait some more

how long is the gap? for example on saturday, I think my power flickered at 9:15am while i was in a classroom. my readings were low for 2 minutes (showed zero for a long time), then after that 2min void all looked normal. I don’t know why the power flickered, but all my asic computers take about 2min from reboot to full operation… so it was showing low power draw for those couple minutes.
I’m trying to say i have 2mins of low power vs no power.

Funny you should ask the length. On the graph it shows few minutes. But clearly was more like 20. I had my HVAC person doing maint. work. I wanted to show him the app. I went inside and rebooted the modem and router - which can take some time. We still waited another 15-ish mins before internet came back up