iOS app bug when naming devices

I’d write this in the app via the support link, but it’s a lot easier to give step-by-step repro instructions if the app isn’t tied up writing the support request. Hopefully someone at Sense can forward it to the right person:

  1. Open a device’s settings page.
  2. Tap on the name, and change the name.
  3. Tap “Update”.
  4. Tap the “Manage” pane of settings. The “Save” button at the top right becomes “Close”, and the “Cancel” button disappears.
  5. At this point, the name change is lost, no matter what you do.

My expectation would be either of the following:

  1. After hitting “Update” button, the name is saved.
  2. The Device Settings keeps the Save/Cancel buttons, even when switching to the Manage pane, and pressing Save would save the new name.

Since a common thing for me recently is for Sense to detect a new device, then I take a guess at a name, then I set up an alert so I can confirm the name later… I always lose the name I just set, because it’s in the Manage pane, and I go there right after setting the new name!

Today, I think it detected the hedge trimmer we were using last weekend, of all things!


Its good to post here so others can see it, but you should also submit it directly to the support team.
or e-mail

either one will open a ticket with them.

Thanks for bringing this up. I just checked and you’re right, the behavior is odd. I’ll bring it up with the Product team.