What's going on with device setting changes?


Using the iOS app, when I make changes to a device using the settings “gear” at the top right corner of the device page, the changes are often lost or applied inconsistently after saving. For example, after renaming a device and pressing save, sometimes no action is taken, sometimes only the device name in the device properties page (but not the device list) is updated, and sometimes it works. Same for device icon and various other settings. The settings seem to be applying and displaying correctly in the web app.


I confirm this bug on Android app as well. I often take three tries to rename a device.


I’ve had this issue as well, through the web app & android… I’ve noticed that it’s more problematic when the device is “on”… I’ve noticed that if the device is “off” or I wait for it to show “off” it takes changes better… but if the device is “on”, it can take as many as 4-5 tries to get info to save completely…


I was working around this last week.
After several attempts, I found that after I save the changes, it takes several minutes for the change to show.
It was difficult for me to trust my steps take it slow and KNOW that I hit the Save button…
When I checked on the device later, it was all updated… but before I found a solution to change and wait, I kept making attempts back to back quickly wondering what I was doing wrong.


I’m going to guess this has to do with the way the app is managing it’s session state on AWS. I’ll bet if a developer looked at this closely it’d be easy to identify what’s happening, but may be a little more difficult to fix.


Agreed… As an Android user, I’ve learned to only modify devices that are not actively running. This mitigated my issues with modifications reflecting immediate changes.


Thanks for reporting this. It’s been filed as a bug.

Please note that (1) the data you’re saving is actually saved, though the client is just getting delayed/slow in displaying the updates, (2) the issue will be fixed in our next release.


I have found that if the device is showing “on” the changes don’t stick. If I manually power it off or wait for it to turn off on its own and rename, it sticks every time.


Having data from Aug 2018, I down load data for spreadsheet minipulation. I renamed most of my found devices so the would sort properly for the spreadsheet. Now I have multiple named devices for one device ID . Will this fix it self over time or should we not rename devices. My name changes show up As I expected in the cell app. The old name does not show. Also, I deleted several devices which no longer show on the apps. But when I download data the deleted items and the old device names are still there and downloaded along with both names of the renamed devices under one id.


That sounds peculiar, but not really related to the issue in this thread. Can you shoot me a PM? We’d like to look into it.