App problem

I’m unable to modify devices from 2 different android devices. If I go to my computer or use the website version it works fine. I can tap on that red button till my fingers bleed and nothing will happen. Is this a known issue or do I need to submit a ticket?

See the 5 icons you have at the bottom? You first need to press on the 4th one. There, you can modify/rename and do few things to your devices. In the screenshot you’re showing, it look like you’re in ‘Meter’ on ‘Now’ mode.

Try that and get back.

Doesn’t matter where I get it from. The problem persists on mobile devices.

Just to make sure I understand exactly what you’re after …

  1. Are you trying to ‘rename’ devices?
  2. The WebApp lets you do that but your android device(s) won’t let you?

My recollections is that sometimes it lets you pick only from a list of devices i.e., you can’t name it at will. But, I need to check.

Definitely would submit a ticket @Rjenk0s and include the App Version you’re running and the device(s) that you’re experiencing the issue with.