What's new in Web App v5: (More) Device Details

Don’t worry, we’re continuing to work hard on new mobile features and device integrations. In the meantime, we’re working to bring the Web App up to greater parity with its iOS and Android counterparts. V5 is another step in that direction and should please you Web App fans.

We’ve updated the Edit Device view to now include more robust per-device editing capabilities. Now you can:

  • Edit both Name and Type (icon) for the device, as well as see Community Name suggestions.
  • Add, edit, or view notes about each device, like when it was last serviced.
  • Delete a device
  • Report a problem for a specific device (which creates a Support ticket with device info pre-filled)
  • Enable/disable device notifications, including custom notifications created in the mobile app.

Note that you still cannot merge (or unmerge) devices on the Web App, or create new custom notifications. These will be added in future releases.

Check it out at home.sense.com. As always, give us your feedback in the comments!


Nice work. Definitely makes it easier to just use my PC while at work to manage this stuff as my phone has poor reception here and for some reason Sense sends my “new device” detected notifications always when I’m at work :slight_smile: