What's new in Web App v9: Settings and Connected Devices

As we’ve noted, we’ll continue to bring the Web App up to mobile parity (and occasionally add unique features to the web interface). You can now check out Web App v9 on home.sense.com .

Changes in Web App v9 are all to the Settings page, accessed by clicking your account email address in the top right corner. There are a variety of visual design changes, but the main features added are the ability to change your username and password directly on the new Accounts page (found in the sidebar) as well as the ability to add and remove connected device integrations from the My Home page.

Stay tuned for more coming Web updates!

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Please prioritize most of your engineering efforts on improving detection & accuracy of device-calling. That is what everyone wants from Sense. Once detection is nailed then use that capability to enable smart control of devices (TP-Link control). Sense should be able to monetize control better than monitoring. IMO the rest is a nice to have.

These are efforts largely by separate teams. Our web and mobile devs are not also doing the data science and machine learning work. There is very little crossover there.

Thanks Ryan. I understand…but also respectfully suggest that this detection thing is worthy of “all hands on deck”. Competition is moving fast with detection and management solutions that Sense kinda-promised years? ago. Gotta get a sense of urgency in this or risk that the hardware guys (load center/circuit breaker teams) are going to win.

It’s a fair point, but those specializations just aren’t really all that transferable in most cases. It’s like pulling a heart surgeon into a brain surgery. Both definitely require specialized skillsets, and in a similar domain, but once you get past the surface, they are quite different.

We are hiring for both DS and Engineering though, so if you know anyone, send them over!

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