IR smart plug

Does anyone know of a smart plug with IR control? I would like to plug my AV devices into a power strip, and that power strip into a smart plug. The smart plug needs to be able to learn the on off commands for my TV. So when I turn on the TV It turns on power to things like the receiver that are connected to the TV. I can’t use a power sensing power strip, because the TV is not plugged into the same outlet as the rest of the devices. I thought there would be many such things as what I am asking for, but I can’t find one. Thanks!

Is this it???


No I don’t think that does what I’m describing. In any case the link to amazon on that page doesn’t work so it doesn’t seem to be a real product. Thanks anyway!

I received one of these from our power company when they came and did an energy audit on our home.

It looks like they also make a smaller version just for AV equipment:

These do not learn a specific IR command, but power up when they see any IR input, then power down after not seeing any movement or IR blasts for about a half an hour.

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Cools mals… Thanks… Will look at them. …dpt??

That looks pretty good, and might be the only option. I have seen those. The problem is that you have to send IR at least every 2 hours, or it will turn things off. That could be a problem, especially when using Apple TV, which doesn’t use IR.

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