Irregular and Vampire Power Draws From EV Charging

Please post a picture of the Power Meter on the HS110/EVSE combo. It’s basically the same as a detected device’s Power Meter, right?
I’m hoping to do this with Level 1 EVSE + HS110 to get a feel for the ‘hotel/vampire’ loads once the battery is full. I’d also like an alert if the load jumps above a threshold. The alert would initiate diagnostics: brown outlet, car malfunction, etc.


Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but here’s my Ford Fusion EnergI plug-in electric charging through an HS110 in the Device Power Meter.

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Very nice. Looks like Sense resolution is not reduced much by HS110.
For early warning, I’d be interested in what happens after 11:45 - if there’s a increase after the tail.

Here’s a close-up of the end of the tail. It drops from 70W, to a short 16W plateau, then down to the vampire load of 6W. I really should set the HS110 to only click on during charging hours for that car to shave off 6W of Always On.

I’m using this Leviton charger, not the Ford standard issue, which I keep in the trunk.

FYI - The HS110s Sense reads the RMS power usage every two seconds instead of every 1/2 second like in the main Power Meter.

Thanks for all the info.
Good vampire/phantom load discussion here
Is there a list of eliminations, things to target such as:
unplug doorbell transformer & knock
unplug garage door opener & lift or unplug for overnight
hardwired smoke/fire detectors
I suppose this should be on another thread…