Is it on, is it off, is it a bird, is it a plane, if it’s free, it’s for me

24 hours over. Sense shows my Heat Pump on the left using 4,267 watts of electricity over a period of time, yet shows 0 watts on the graph.

This went on for an extended period of time.

So now I check the timeline 24 hours later only to find no recording of ANY use on my timeline in the 2AM hour at all.

So we’re did that 4000+ watts of electricity go? Not showing up anywhere on any device.

And while we are at it, here’s a Countertop Oven chugging along Saturday Night using 1.5 kWh of electricity for a total of $0.0. Considering I have a number plugged in which always calculates just under 15 cents per hour, why isn’t that 20 some cents not showing?

Pretty sure the power utility isn’t giving it me for free.


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Beachcomber… Not sure if this is the same thing as what you are concerned with or not… My furnace dropped off the radar last month around the 20th… December 20th… It has been right there for years, But suddenly dropped off… See attached… Gerry

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November… Gerry

So here is my Heat pump from today in the 5AM hour 1/11/2023 1.6kWh and an actual graph and times on counter that looks correct.

Let’s scroll back to yesterday, 1/10/2023. Graph shows nothing and no times on yet power shows 1.6kWh, same as this morning.

Scrolling back another day to 1/9/2023. 1.6kWh again. But nothing on graph and no counter times on again. Same number as used thus far today.

Well, that’s interesting. Let’s go backwards even more to Saturday 1/7/2023. 5.9kWh with graph and times on looking ok.

So now let’s go back another day to Friday 1/6/2023, where once again we see 5.9kWh, same as previous day just displayed, yet no graph and no times on.

Who’s ready for the Sense magic?

Let’s go forward to Saturday 1/7/2023 again.

Still correct and the same as before.

Scroll forward to Sunday, 1/8/2023, everything looks correct with 2.9kWh used, graphs, times on etc.

Now watch me pull a rabbit out if my hat

Nothing up my sleeve.

Wave my magic wand and

Scroll forward to Monday, 1/9/2023. Should look the same as above, 30 seconds ago, right?

Now it’s 2.9kWh instead of 1.6kWh same as Sunday, still no graphs and times on.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Hold your applause.

I’ll do it again, I’ll scroll forward to yesterday 1/10/2023 again, say abracadabra and poof! The 1.6kWh has magically changed to 2.9kWh again with nothing on graph and no counter times on again.

Thank you. You’ve been a great audience!

I’d like the thank the coders at Sense, because without their sloppy coding, this code not have happen. Who else could code so poorly that any days (and perhaps other periods) with no use could take the last day you had with any use that you last looked at and insert it into all the next day that have no power use?

The same people that coded “This was your life before Sense” on a web browser for zero use days.

I’ll be back and see you next coding error, which based on past experience, wont be long.


Beachcomber… They are watching us… Looked what happened… All of a sudden my furnace is showing up… What next…Gerry

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