Is Sense done developing Solar?

I’ve had Sense for 3 years now and I’ve loved it. I recently added solar and I thought Sense was going to be a game changer. Unfortunately, it looks like Sense has stagnated. I’ve seen a number of threads suggesting new features for Solar but I haven’t seen Sense address any of them. This leads me to ask, “is Sense done?” Below is a short lost of features that would make Sense Solar far more functional for users who pay extra to have the Solar capability.

  1. Output wattage to IFTTT, to facilitate turning on or off smart devices (i.e. plugs, EV chargers, etc.)
  2. Solar trend data (like the Dashboard has for power consumption).
  3. Show the Solar bubble behind the other bubbles, like a Venn Diagram, rather than a competing bubble.
  4. Implement Solar Notifications, like every other devices has. So we can know if our Solar system is offline or is producing above a certain amount of power for the day.

Who knows ? All good suggestions - a couple of them have been in the WishList for a while:

@JamesDrewAtSense , would probably like if we also input the requests into the ticket system.

But if you seriously want the usage automation and the alerts features today, try the free Home Assistant home hub, with the Sense integration. It can see the solar production, unlike the current IFFFT, plus offers tons of automation control and alerting.


Hi @darogers300w
Thanks for your feedback!

@kevin1 is right in that the best place (other than posting it publicly) is to submit here. Submissions here are viewed and considered by the product team. :

Thanks so much, let me know if you have any questions.

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