More advanced custom alerts

I have some devices that I’d want to know if they turned on X number of times within Y minutes. For example, a powerful sump pump would rarely be on for prolonged time. But if it turns on more than 10 times in 30 minutes, I may want to be alerted so I can check things out.

Also, if a device turns on X number of times between specified hours, or is on for Y number of minutes during specified hours would be useful info. For example, a space heater turning on when I know no one is home would be something useful to know.


Using your space heater example, you could even take this a step further and program a “Vacation Mode”, where you indicate the devices that you don’t expect to run at all (i.e. washer, dryer, stove, iron, space heater, garage door, lights) and get a notification if any of them turn on. This would be a simple combination of individual notification alerts, but much more user-friendly than setting up individual notifications on each device.


Thanks for the suggestions. The custom alert functionality we currently have was intended as a starting point and we plan on adding more functionality in this regard in the future. We’ll keep these in mind!

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Yes, this would be helpful. I had a hose rupture this summer and the well pump started cycling every minute of so. After about 2 or 3 hours, I discovered the leak and turned the supply off, but it consumed quite a bit of power. The pump usually doesn’t cycle more than once or twice an hour, a notification could have saved a few kw’s .

The ability to tie time of day is key. Some in our house (I won’t mention my wife or son) leave lights on often and I’d like to know when they are on for a period of time (like during daylight hours) so I can be notified.

Taking it to the next level where lights are on a smart home system, the ability to then turn the lights off via ITTT or something similar would be very useful.

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has there been any update to notification if on X number of times in X minutes?

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A customizable notification when total usage exceeds ___W for ___ time would be wonderful to have.
General knowledge.
Home using excessive power when on vacation, not home.

Would be nice at the device level too.
Wouldn’t really work for native devices as if a devices consumption was off it probably wouldn’t be detected at all. But for CT’s & integrations it could be really useful.
HP/HVAC/Water heater running in high stage, filter needs replacement, door/window left open, water leak.
Pool (or any type of) Pump using more power, filter is getting clogged.

With CT’s & solar, you could be alerted if your panels are failing or home isn’t generating enough to cover your usage. Could be linked to TOU pricing.

With how invested Sense is becoming with the utility segment. I could see them jumping on (sponsoring) this feature, marketed as a means to conserve usage during times of high peak demand.