Pre-populate some notifications


We already have custom notifications, but they are not on by default.
Pre-populating notification by default (but allowing them to be turned off) may give a better user experience.

For example…
Fridge light – a 10 or 15 minute warning about being left on - easy
Hot water heater – maybe 2 or 3 hours – either you have left a hot water tap running or you have a leak! In this case it still maybe trigger if the leak is small so simply an alert of unusual usage patterns may help.
The “ON” alert for some devices which cycle e.g. have a thermostat may mean something more like 90% on in a rolling time period.

Having some defaulted on alerts may be a better way to let people know about the functionality – “works by default” principle. What the default is would of course depend on the device type.


If I might add to this suggestion, the following would help notifiy users of many such situations.

Problem: Some devices should only be on for a set amount of time. Any additional usage would be abnormal and the user should be alerted.

Potential solution: For each identified device, allow for the user to set a maximum on-time before an alert is sent. Allow these on-time alerts to be set on/off without modifying the alert parameters.

[ON / OFF] : If this device is ON for more than [select duration], send alert.