We neglected to turn the oven off last night

We neglected to turn the oven off last night. Fortunately it was set to a low temperature and I noticed it appeared on the timeline this morning. A custom alert would have been helpful. Something like “the oven is on and it is past midnight” or “the oven has been on frequently for more than 5 hours” would be helpful. A similar alert for the stove would also be helpful. Thanks!


You can setup a custom notification - my oven alerts me after being ON for 2hrs

Once your oven is detected this is possible under the settings>manage>custom notification.

I think Lee is suggesting some type of exception reporting. The oven set at a low temperature is going to cycle on and off, so in this case the time of day would be key. I could see similar with my well pump, if my well pump ran more than 1 time between midnight at 6am that would be unusual- frequency and time of day.


Yes, thanks, this is what I have in mind.

I’m reminded of @Fred_W’s kiln story:

I agree that an exception alert would be a good strategy for Sense to target because in complex households you have both many “standard” potential alerts and many non-standard conditions. e.g. a “fridge on too long” alert could become something that Sense could infer rather than having to manually enter it.

The Sense Labs: Motor Stall feature hints at a generalized Alerts Lab potential. Motor Stalls can happen across multiple devices. Alert conditions such as “on too long” can likewise happen for many different devices. I suspect the team is pondering hard on these issues.