This advertising seems a little disingenuous to me

Saw this ad for Sense on Facebook the other day.

As far as I know… this is not something that can happen. Sure, Sense can tell you if something has been running for 2 hours, but I’ve never seen a stove that runs for 2 hours without turning on and off several times. That’s just how electric stoves work. The timeline will look more like this.

This was just for heating up cold pizza for about 15 minutes. If I had left it on for hours by mistake there would be a lot of on and offs, with most of the ons only lasting for a few minutes at time. Sense does not combine this into a single "Your stove was running from 6:09 to 6:38 like the advertisement suggests it would.

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Hey @waterboysh - can see how this could be a stretch, especially with stove burners turning on/off consistently to maintain temperature. I’ll connect with our marketing team and share this feedback - appreciate you bringing it up.

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Wait… Doesn’t the Facebook ad policy require that all ads be at least 50% untrue?


So how do I set that alert for this :man_shrugging:t3:

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To add an element of relevancy to me, could an alert be setup for something like this? I have a notification set for if my fridge turns off. It is on a smart plug, it uses a linear compressor, and has wifi, so really it shouldn’t be turning off ever, but does so occasionally. I have a custom “off for 15 minutes” notification, but could an alert be made for the above examples? If so, how?

Guys… Sorry I just had to chime in… Hi… Get an induction… The burner, at least ours does… LG… Will shut it’s self off after about 10 seconds…and will not even start up unless a pan//pot is in just the right spot on the burner. It can be off a little one way or the other. But must be present to operate. My 2 cents… Gerry

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Hey @waterboysh - I had a discussion with our Data Science team who confirmed that a significant portion of users have stove devices detected by one of our methodologies that tracks longer run times (instead of frequent on/off’s), enabling this type of notification to work as intended. We expect this number to only increase moving forward and recognize that at the moment, some folks with stove detections that show on/off every few minutes might not be able to leverage this alert as shown.

It is worth noting that this idea came from real user stories, which led to the idea behind the ad and gave us confidence that it was fair portrayal of the product’s capabilities.

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