Is there a post or blog article that goes into the technical side of the Kasa integration?

I have a HS300 and three HS110s. I also have a Hubitat and have slowly been expanding my zwave network to automate things.

My TV is currently plugged into one of the outlets of the HS300. I specifically am wanting information on how Sense polls the HS300 to get the data. The Hubitat integration for Kasa seems to locally poll the plugs the same way that Sense does.

I believe that Sense polls every 2 seconds. Initially, I didn’t want to have something else polling the HS300 at the same time as Sense so instead of setting up polling in Hubitat, I just used an IFTTT rule.

But… it runs slow. It takes a second or two for Sense to realize the TV is off. Then it fires the IFTTT rule, which seems to take about 15 seconds before it runs and the air purifier actually turns off. I’m wondering if polling the HS300 every 3 seconds or so, basically just asking “Is plug 5 drawing power?” on top of Sense constantly saying “Tell me how much power every device connected to you is using” would cause any problems.

I know someone is going to come along and say “well, just try it and see.” And I probably will. But just because it works in a limited test for me doesn’t mean it’s the best or most reliable way of doing it.

Best info here:

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That’s really useful information. The only thing missing is how often Sense queries the plugs. I’ve seen 2 seconds mentioned before but not sure if that’s the actual value or not.

It’s every 2 seconds. Sense backed my monitor off to 6 seconds because I was running too many Kasa outlets (the limit is 20, I bought about 32 outlets worth before I knew the limit). That was before I adopted my “traveler” methodology for using an HS110 - knowing what I know now about individual usage on two of my HS300s, I would have preferred to consolidate each into a single HS110, and kept with a 2 second sampling. But I don’t want to mess since everything is working.

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You may also want to check in on the IFTTT latency for any given service. In my experience you can’t expect “seconds”. Sense lists “within an hour” for me.

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