Is this a intermittent detection? Can't explain this

Not sure how to interpret this or figure out what is going on. Backstory is this a window AC unit and one of the first items that was native detected. it is pretty easy to see in the power meter because it resembles monument valley.

After a week of so I noticed in the app I didn’t see the usual window unit turned and off notices or bubble. This usually occurs oddly during the hottest parts of the day 12-1600 so I investigated further. This is a sample of what I found.

It looks like from about 0830-1145 it went into a very stable constant ON state and then totally off until around 2030. Am I reading this wrong? I know this can’t be true because I observed several cycles of the AC during that time. The AC was performing normally.

Another somewhat related question about reading items. In the web OS you can click on a individual device and get this screen.

I know you can export data from the top right portion but why is the that area so big and blank of any information in it? Its that normal?
In the IOS app version can get way more info about usage and power meter for a device.

Not sure if I explained the issue well enough but can provide more info if needed.

I’m assuming the first screenshot is from the main Power Meter, and the second is from the AC device Power Meter ? Based on that, I’ll venture two answers:

  • Sense somehow got lost on detections and kept the the AC on for a long period when it was actually cycling. When it finally did a default off, it didn’t resume detection for a while.

  • I think the AC device Summary (bottom screenshot) is slowly gaining the ability to reprocess the main house waveforms to clean up issues that real-time detection missed. There have been hints this over time, as Sense has alluded to progressive detection. Not suggesting this with certainty, but offering speculation that might explain it. In that case, your summary might get recomputed and backfilled sometime later.

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You are correct on the screenshots. That sounds reasonable. Problem is it is doing it pretty much everyday. Do you think it will eventually work it out? Also forgot to mention but those Peaks are just the compressor cycling. I don’t have it on eco mode so the fan still runs even if the compressor is in an off cycle. The native detection found the compressor but hasn’t detected the fan yet.

Here is another AC power meter screenshot.

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Has the hourly summary updated for the previous day or the day before that ?

Where do I find that stat? I don’t see a hourly summary by day. On IOS or web?

I’m wondering if this device Summary, that you posted, eventually filled in for the day in question.

That would give hints int whether Sense is backfilling with cleaned up data after the fact.

Ok got it! Just to be clear that is web page screenshot. It has not filled in. It is unchanged. In Fact… ALL the device windows like that on the web page are blank. They all have been blank since I got the Sense monitor and added the web page.

On the IOS app I do see stats for each device like below.

Thanks for the clarification - looks like the web app is experiencing a problem displaying the Day/Week/Month/Billing summary. I’m seeing it too. I use the iOS app most of the time, except when I need the data Export feature. So much for my theory. More likely we’re seeing two disconnected issues - Sense possibly losing track of detections and a general Summary display problem on the the web (the data exports OK, so it’s a display issue).

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I can Export data as well (if needed)

@ron111157, here’s the answer for one of the two issues. The blank summary graph in the web app appears limited to the Safari browser. Works in Chrome and FireFox for me. Have heard that Sense is working to fix.

You can probably contact about the detection issue, but you might want to try deleting the device to see if comes back with a more reliable detection in a bit.

Ok I use Safari. I did try Chrome and it works but the page is rather slow and lags. I will just use the IOS app even though it is a battery hog. Hopefully Sense will fix the Safari issue for the Web app.

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